3BIGS seeks to create business models based on Bio-Technology, Big-Data, and Blue-Technology.

We aim to develop new forms of new drugs, cosmetics and food using Blue-Technology for all life on earth. We will be Bio Digital Bridge that can clarify the phenomenon about living organisms and can produce meaningful results.

NGS Service categories

Genome Analysis

Transcriptome Analysis

Biomarker Discovery

Genome Browser System

Metagenome Analysis

Pipeline Development

Public Data Integration

AI-Driven Research

NGS consulting service

3BIGS provides advanced analysis services to researchers based on the mix of all living organisms.

Each level of doctoral level specialists supports customized and advanced analysis consulting. 3BIGS are also partnering with world-renowned European, US, Indian, and Chinese bioinformatics companies to provide researchers with information and technology for the best research results.

Metagenome advanced analysis service

We provide tailored depth analysis services to researchers who have prepared or analyzed Metagenome studies.

Using the latest database, perform metagenome analysis on various sources such as Animal, Marine, Soil, Human.

In addition to delivering the results report, we also provide customized training to make it easier for researchers to interpret the data, and we will do our best to discuss and discuss the results.

AI Pharma Korea Conference 2018

Dr. Dawood of OMICSCORE of 3BIGS India announced to more than 200 researchers on the theme of integration of drug database for the development and re-creation of new drugs at the AI Pharma Conference 2018 Conference held on October 15th.
Many reporters and researchers at the event shared the technology trends of AI developers around the world and strengthened the competitiveness of new drug development through alliance with domestic pharmaceutical companies. Many reporters and researchers were interested in 3BIGS ‘Disease – Target – Drug Database – Integration service .