GENEVESTIGATOR® offers a rich graphical interface to query and interpret a very large database of professionally curated expression data. Its tools help you to find relevant conditions for your genes of interest, 


Target Discovery

Finding and validating good targets is a crucial step in drug discovery, but also a challenging endeavor that requires a lot of reliable data. The GENEVESTIGATOR® database covers a broad spectrum of experimental conditions, diseases, and cancers. Using this data for meta-analysis of target genes can reveal diverse insights on their expression pattern and regulation. This helps scientists to efficiently identify and prioritize lists of targets having the most relevant response and tissue expression profiles. 

Biomarker Discovery

To successfully identify statistically significant and non-redundant biomarker signatures, one needs access to a large amount of diverse expression data and meta-analysis tools. GENEVESTIGATOR ® uses a global search strategy to identify genes that are highly specific for a chosen set of treatments, responses or diseases. The resulting gene signatures capture the unique profile of the disease and deliver a more precise biomarker in-silico validation. 

Indication Finding

Get more out of new or existing compounds by searching for new potential indications. To reduce tedious laboratory testing, let current data guide you in the right direction. Simply load the expression signature induced by your compound into GENEVESTIGATOR® and to search for new indications among hundreds of diseases that correlate or anti-correlate with it. For each evidence found, our extensive drill-down options allow to easily and effectively verify your findings by learning more about the underlying studies.

Functional Genomics

With the growing use of genomics technologies, the need for structured databases and analysis tools for biologists is becoming increasingly important. Moreover, being able to correlate genes to conditions that regulate them is instrumental in understanding their function. GENEVESTIGATOR® provides an easy-to-use interface, with powerful search tools for functional genomics. Our tools aggregate the world’s high quality data to assemble evidences about the regulation of your genes of interest.

qPCR Normalization

The choice of suitable reference genes is crucial in RT-qPCR gene expression analysis. Often, however, commonly used reference genes such as PPIA, GAPD or ACTB don’t work well for one’s own biological context. Ideally, the expression of reference genes should remain unchanged across different samples from the context under study. GENEVESTIGATOR® offers a unique tool to identify such genes by selecting all samples from a given tissue and screening for genes having the least expression variance (based on transcriptomic data).

Interpret Your Result

Having results without proper interpretation is similar to having a map without legend and compass. Better understand your results by bringing them into the context of thousands of other studies. Verify your findings against other studies testing the same hypothesis, and discover other experimental conditions causing similar results. GENEVESTIGATOR® offers a variety of tools to find patterns in your gene lists, correlate them with other lists and pathways, and bring you closer to understanding of the underlying biological mechanisms.