the world's expression data at your fingertips

Fully curated and globally normalized resource of gene expression for biopharmaceutical and medical research
GENEVESTIGATOR is a high performance search engine for gene expression. It integrates thousands of manually curated, well described public microarray and RNA-Seq experiments and nicely visualizes gene expression across different biological contexts such as diseases, drugs, tissues, cancers, cell lines or genotypes. The high diversity of curated experiments allows GENEVESTIGATOR to project your genes or your data against a broad spectrum of reference profiles and datasets.

– SINGLE EXPERIMENT TOOLS : Identify of gene expression levels in independent experiments
– CONDITION SEARCH TOOLS : Identify conditions in which the gene of interest is specifically regulated
– GENE SEARCH TOOLS : Identify genes specifically expressed in selected conditions
– SIMILARITY SEARCH TOOLS : Identify the expression levels of genes in tissues, cancer, diseases, drugs and other conditions