We provide  to researchers who are preparing for Metagenome studies or have analysis result.

Data Visualization

Microbial Composition

  • Microbial Composition with species level
  • Group analysis with many sample
  • Each colored band in a column represents
  • Support Bar & pie chart with Excel Data

OTU Identifiers

  • Pick OTUs using Public Database
  • Greengene Silva, NCBI and Other
  • Classify taxonomy with uclust & RDP
  • Double check with NCBI database

Statistical Analysis

  • Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities
  • Linear discriminant analysis effect size
  • Explain differences between classes by coupling standard tests

Phylogenetic tree

  • Annotation and management of phylogenetic trees with various types
  • Create high quality figures
  • Unlimited number of datasets

Comparative Analysis of diversity

  • 2D & 3D PcoA plot with Use unifac and bray_curtis
  • Shows the relationship of microbial diversity
  • Comparing biological communities
  • STAMP : Statistical analysis of taxonomic

Functional Analysis

  • Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities
  • Based on maker gene survey along one or more samples
  • Linear discriminant analysis effect size
  • Explain differences between classes by coupling standard tests

Core microbiome

  • Aims to identify potentially crucial microbes
  • Microbial communities based on the persistence of the microbe
  • Consistent components across complex microbial assemblages

Network Analysis

  • Identification of co-occurring and mutual exclusive bacteria
  • Nodes can be colored based on their association
  • Taxa are represented as nodes, taxa abundance as node size

Advanced Report

  • Accurate analysis results
  • Make advanced report
  • Support total solution
  • Provide insufficient feedback

Well-organized Pipeline

We have built a well-organized pipeline of open source bioinformatics tools used by microbiologists.


Expert Feedback

We provides reliable feedback on customer-customized experiment and analysis design through training of 10 experts.


Providing Total Solution

We provides advanced statistical analysis, feedback and tailored solution using high quality charts.


Analysis of Various Fields

We carry out various analysis such as Human, Plant, Animal, Marine, and Soil using the latest databases.


Fast and Accurate Analysis

We provides fast and accurate analysis services using parallel programming and provides additional options that researchers want.


Education for Researhcers

We train related programs online or offline so that researchers can get the results they want directly.



Service Workflow