PROTEOME ™ (HumanPSD ™ + TRANSPATH ®) has a wealth of information linking Pathway with targets, drugs and clinical trials.

PROTEOME ™ allows the user to do amazing discoveries by linking the clinical phenotype (disease) with the target of the drug through the drug and linking it with the drug-related pathway.

HumanPSD ™ has a database of Clinical-Trial and Drug as well as Curated Data, which collects vast protein and miRNA-related papers such as Human, Mouse, and Rat. It has abundant ability to connect Target-Drug, Target-Clinical Trial pathway Information resources. You can discover biological relationships between genes and identify and rank Clinical-Targets based on known functional characteristics.

TRANSPATH® can be used as an encyclopedia of a single transduction or metabolic pathway. More than 500,000 Signal & Metabolic Databases from more than 300,000 Human, Mouse and Rat Signal and Metabolic Information and Articles are being constructed. You can visually check the pathway between the target and target, and identify the major control factors as potential drug targets. You can also quickly see information about signaling and metabolic pathway components and responses without document search.


Main Features

  • Find genes and pathways associated with a particular disease

  • Find diseases and drugs associated with particular gene

  • Map functional attributes to your uploaded gene set or use the Ontology Browser to select defined sets of genes/molecules

  • Functional analysis: Identify for your gene set shared attributes (Gene Ontology, Expression pattern, Disease association)

  • Pathway Visualization: Explore canonical signaling and metabolic pathways or build, based on curated relationships, custom networks, and overlay known disease and drug associations

  • Network cluster analysis: Identify networks enriched with members of your gene set

PROTEOME™ Database

New Release

PROTEOME™ (HumanPSD™+TRANSPATH®) release 2018.2

The Human Proteome Survey Database (HumanPSDTM) with focus on human proteins as disease biomarkers and drug targets contains these new data features:

Increased number of interventions in clinical trials mapped to drugs

New data from and manual curation by experts has increased the number of Clinical Trial-Drug assignments to 172,962.

Cancer biomarkers

A shift in curation to yet underrepresented neoplasms (such as mouth or esophageal cancer) in the database has increased the number of gene – disease assignments to 110,961.

The TRANSPATH® database on mammalian signal transduction and metabolic pathways contains these new data features:

Human phosphatases interactome

5,412 new or updated reactions detailing the interactome and substrates of human phosphatases from recent publications.

BioPlex integration 57,890 reactions have been added or updated with additional experimental evidence by incorporating the BioPlex 2.0 network of human protein interactions.