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3X-KBank : Bio BigData Integration Platform

Core platform

Collect, refine, and integrate a variety of biodata, including genes, drugs, and diseases to present new Insight

We have built a large-scale bio-big data-based in-house platform. By applying AI technology, we can conduct research on the discovery of new drug candidates and various new materials, and have know-how to build and utilize new bio-big data.

Refine of Bio-databases

As bio-big data grows, the value of utilization increases when real-world data is refined and quality is selected.

Integration of Bio-databases

We have collected and refined various data that can be used in bioinformatics, such as more than 70 genes, diseases, drugs, clinical trials, and so on to be used for research purposes.

Utilize of Bio-database

The integrated bio-database can easily collect relevant information such as biomarker discovery, new drug development, gene-disease-drug interaction, and supports various analysis results interpretation.