Scientific Data mining platform

About 30 million papers from NCBI Pubmed have been applied to NLP techniques to build a platform to identify research trends as well as related drugs, diseases, genes, and genetic variations.

Using text mining techniques using NLP

Platform that text-mined about 30 million articles, patents, and clinical information

It is possible to build a customized platform based on the data desired by the researcher. The platform, which can be used as a web browser base, is currently being tested.


Based on a reliable biodatabase, NLP pipeline and its own database are built to provide information in the form of a GUI.

Network Interaction

It provides information related to the searched gene, disease, and drug in the form of GUI.

Based on NLP technology, it analyzes its own data Yebisu, which contains information such as publications, clinical trials, and patents, and shows the correlation with the searched words in the form of icons.

Disease related papers

Mutation related papers

Drug related papers

Gene related papers