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3X-TMiner : Literature Text-Mining Platform

Core platform

Text mining more than 30 million scientific literature to link genes, diseases, drugs, and clinical trial information.

About 30 million papers from NCBI Pubmed and other patent database applied NLP techniques to build a platform for identifying research trends as well as related drugs, diseases, genes, and genetic variations.

3X-TMiner differentiation

It integrates and structures various information such as biological information, clinical trials, drug information, investments, and papers, rather than text mining for general scientific papers, to differentiate itself from 3X-TMiner.

Apply Text Mining Technology

Text mining using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for various terminology such as genes, diseases, drugs, and networks by importing the abstract contents of scientific books.

Structure and utilization of scientific data

Based on more than 30 million scientific books, it structures genes, diseases, drugs, clinical information, and supports various information to identify the flow of research.