Connect Bio Bigdata
Explore new possibilities

Create new businesses based on 
the collection and analysis of bio data

The possibility of bio-big data,
The start is a refined database

We have established 3 core platforms
that can utilize bio big data.



Literature Text-mining

A platform to structure document-type knowledge information using text mining



Bio BigData Integration

Platforms for consolidating and connecting disparate forms of database



Multi-Omics Analysis

Platform for discovering new biomarkers using NGS-based multi-omic data

Collection, refining, integration,
and connection of bio data

Different forms of public bio-data, scientific book data, and bio-research data differ in collection and refining methods.

Based on data design know-how, 3BIGS integrates each bio data and uses it in various fields such as developing new drugs and discovering biomarkers.

AI-based development of new drugs,
databases are important

Combination of integrated bio-database and AI technology

3BIGS has AI technology that enables drug regeneration or development of new drugs based on databases such as drugs, genes, diseases, clinical trials, and thesis information.

With the aim of recreating new drugs, we have established strict internal processes outside of traditional new drug development methods.

NGS-based bioinformatics data analysis service

Based on the latest database and biometric know-how, we provide genetic, transcriptional, and microbiome data analysis services.

Three analytical services, which are used in various fields such as biomarker discovery and drug action mechanism, are one of the areas that 3BIGS is good at.


Genome Analysis

WGS (Whole Genome Sequencing)
WES (Whole Exome Sequencing)
– Reference / De novo


Transcriptome Analysis

De novo RNA-seq
Reference RNA-seq
Microarray (mRNA, miRNA)


Microbiome Analysis

16S-rRNA Amplicon Sequencing
(Bacteria, Fungi)
Whole Metagenome Sequencing