Analysis based on NGS platform

You can get accurate analysis results through  continual updated 3BIGS database and self-constructed analysis pipelines.

Solution software based on Bio data

Solution software help to make higher quality papers for researchers.

Service processes

Ph.D. level experts in  3BIGS help your research in bio & information technology, and we provide customized omics data analysis, databases &  platform services.

One through package from sample sending to interpretation of the analysis results


Optimized results are provided by the collaboration both Korean doctor level researchers and Indian experts.

1. Request of analysis

In order to analyze your samples, please use contact information on 3BIGS website, and then we inform you of the processes.

2. Sample sending

Please send your samples under cold condition with Dry ice to 3BIGS. We give feedback on it.

3. Checking quality

A brief report of your sample is sent to you after we check your samples are available for sequencing or analysis. 

4. Sequencing

QC passed samples go to make library-making steps, and then your samples are on sequencing transcriptome by NGS equipment.

5. Data analysis

Analysis processes of sequencing completed data through self-constructed analysis pipelines. 

6. Notice of analysis results

Reports sending by email in HTML files that are easy to confirm the analysis results.

7. Discussion

One on one consulting help you to obtain your expected analysis results.

8. Payment

Payment processes by digital tax invoices or credit cards.


1. Request of analysis

NGS analysis services of 3BIGS is like this ; Firstly, please send me your requests on a 3BIGS official email address. We give feedback on it.

2. Sample sending

Please pack your samples with dry ice. If you use convenience store’s or post office’s delivery service, please check whether it is one day delivery or not. 

How to package ;

Please put dry ice (more than 5 kg) into Styrofoam boxes and then fill the empty spaces with soft materials. You can order dry ice this link;

(Bumping of dry ice and samples against each other could make damage)

3. Checking quality

After receiving samples, 3BIGS will inform you how to sequence your samples, or what time the sequencing could be completed. Normally, it takes 5-10 days business days until the results of quality-checking is sent to your email.

Transcriptome analysis,  Sequencing : 4-5 weeks, Analysis : 1-2 weeks

Microbiome analysis,  Sequencing : 3-4 weeks,  Analysis : 1 week


4. Sequencing

Proceed on analysis after the enough discussion on the samples based on its quality-checking. Every result depends on the requested conditions from customers.

5. Data analysis

Proceed on analysis through the advanced pipelines of 3BIGS self-construction, it takes 1-2 weeks. 

6. Notice of analysis results

Reports sending by email in HTML files that are easy to confirm the analysis results. You can know much information at a time, such as ordered information, statistics & downloads  of raw data, analysis results etc. Every single raw data is in keeping for 3 months after the sending results. 

In case of more than 50 gigabyte of raw data ; sending with external hard disk storage by post( also download on FTP links are available) 
In case of under 50 gigabyte of raw data ; downloadable on FTP links

7. Dicussion

Please confirm the analyzed results. Your inquiries are always welcomed. We will do our best to support your advanced business.