Metagenome Analysis

16s-rRNA amplicon, Whole metagenome analysis

Providing quick, accurate, intensive, customized analysis services for researchers who hold the analysis results of Metagenome or who prepare for Metagenome study.
Providing  detailed accurate analysis results through 3BIGS self-constructed analysis pipelines.

3BIGS Microbiome analysis service is;

Standalone pipelines of open source bioinformatic tools used by researchers.
Analysis to species level by the latest database, which is  hard to confirm the results in many cases.
Consulting analysis results online or offline to the best required results for customers.

3BIGS Microbiome analysis results

Providing advanced statistic analysis services, correspondent feedback, customized solution by visualized high quality charts.

Microbial Composition

  • Microbial Composition with species level
  • Group analysis with many sample

OTU Identifiers

  • Pick OTUs using Public Database
  • Double check with NCBI database

Statistical Analysis

  • Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities
  • Explain differences between classes by coupling standard tests

Phylogenetic Tree

  • Annotation and management of phylogenetic trees with various types
  • Unlimited number of datasets

Diversity Analysis

  • 2D & 3D PcoA plot with Use unifac and bray_curtis
  • STAMP : Statistical analysis of taxonomic

Functional Analysis

  • Phylogenetic Investigation of Communities
  • Based on maker gene survey along one or more samples

Core microbiome

  • Aims to identify potentially crucial microbes
  • Microbial communities based on the persistence of the microbe

Network Analysis

  • Identification of co-occurring and mutual exclusive bacteria
  • Taxa are represented as nodes, taxa abundance as node size

3BIGS Microbiome analysis instructions

3BIGS provides researchers with report files, manuals in order to confirm the result data, accurately.



  • About  4-5 weeks