Transcriptome Analysis

mRNA-Sequencing (Reference, De novo), Microarray (mRNA, miRNA)

Confirmation of gene expressions through genomic analysis, and  providing detailed analysis results on the interested gene networks.

Providing  detailed accurate analysis results through 3BIGS self-constructed analysis pipelines.

3BIGS transcriptome services

3BIGS analysis with exquisite results.

Optimized platforms providing precision analysis results of genomic functions and networking systems.

Constructed various analysis images  can be  direct applied to official documents.

Providing images and excel files of manual analysis results after detailed consulting with 3BIGS researchers.
HTML Report
Provided easy-to-see web brower style reports, not Microsoft Excel or PDF.
Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA)
Confirmation of correlation among expressed gene sets such as biological processes, molecular functions, cellular components, KEGG pathways.
Advanced Network Analysis
Selection of specific gens as expression values and visualization of correlation between Gene-Gene, Gene-Protein, Protein-protein interaction.
  • Matrix
  • Dispersion plot
  • Volcano plot



  • About 4-6 weeks

Requirements (total RNA)

  • Please contact 3BIGS service team in case of not enough of required sample conditions.
  • If any questions on sample preps that need pretreatment processes such as cell line, tissues, please contact 3BIGS service team.
No. Content Requirements Equipments or Kit
1 Amount ≥1.0 µg mirVana™ miRNA Isolation Kit., Ambion
2 Volume ≥20ng/µl ND-1000 spectrophotometer, Thermo Scientific
3 2100 Expert Bioanalyzer RIN : ≥ 7 2100 Expert Bioanlayzer, Agilent
rRNA ratio: ≥ 1.5 RNA 6000 Nano Kit, Agilent