Bio BigData Integration Platform

3X KBank is an advanced bio big data integration platform designed to collect, refine, and integrate diverse biological data, including genes, drugs, and diseases, to generate new insights.
By using AI technology, 3X KBank supports research in drug discovery and bio big data utilization.

Key Features

  • Data Integration: Combines gene, transcript, protein, and gene expression databases.
  • Data Standardization: Converts various data formats into a cohesive structure.
  • Customized Solutions: Uses tailored scripts and manual curation for accurate data mapping

The Problem

The diversity in data formats and terminologies makes it difficult for researchers to integrate and analyze large-scale biological data effectively.

Our Solution

3X KBank standardizes and integrates diverse biological data, providing a cohesive and accurate dataset that enhances research in genetics, molecular biology, and drug discovery.

Refinement of Bio-databases

As bio-big data grows, the value of utilization increases when real-world data is refined and quality is selected.


Refinement of Bio-databases


Integration of Bio-databases

We have collected and refined various data that can be used in bioinformatics, such as more than 70 genes, diseases, drugs, clinical trials, and so on to be used for research purposes.

Utilization of Bio-database

The integrated bio-database can easily collect relevant information such as biomarker discovery, new drug development, gene disease-drug interaction, and supports various analysis results interpretation.

Structure and utilization of scientific data

Based on more than 30 million scientific literature, it structures genes, diseases, drugs, clinical information, and supports various information to identify the flow of research.

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