DNA methylation is analyzed whether a specific gene’s function is expressed by external environmental factors to provide results.

Using the NGS technique, we analyze the methylation of representative DNA during epigenetic regulatory mechanisms.

Analysis Services Features

  • Methylation Statistical Analysis
  • Visualization of methylation by sample and group
  • Group Comparison Analysis
  • Analysis report in HTML format

Data Analysis

  • MultiQC report
  • Alignment Statistics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Differential Methylation annotation
  • Methylation Group analysis

Epigenome Analysis

The epigenome constitutes a vast number of factors that can cause heritable changes through altered gene expression without any changes at the sequence level. Its analysis allows us to decode the intricate relationship we have with our environment. At 3BIGS, our goal is to help you achieve this understanding through leading technologies: CHIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq,

Specialized epigenome analysis we offer:

  • Shotgun Metagenomics
  • ATAC-seq data analysis

CHIP-Seq Data Analysis

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (CHIP-Seq) is a popular technique utilized for genome-wide characterization of DNA-binding proteins, histone modifications, and nucleosomes. These findings help us discover more about gene regulation and epigenetic mechanisms. 3BIGS has a systematic workflow supported by novel reliable technology designed to cover all your CHIP-Seq data analysis requirements

ATAC-Seq Data Analysis

Assay for transposase-accessible chromatin with sequencing (ATAC-Seq) is a widely utilized technique for genome-wide mapping of chromatin accessibility, which can help understand the changes it goes through during abnormal or disease conditions. The 3BIGS workflow effortlessly and reliably gets you one step closer to generating valuable insights regarding the presence of known and unknown regulatory elements crucial for disease management.

Case Studies

Transcriptomic Analysis of Hyperglycemic and Hypoglycemic

Transcriptomic analyses are essential in deciphering the complex world of gene expression, providing valuable insights into the molecular underpinnings of biological processes. By studying the...

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Parnassius bremeri Transcriptome Analysis

Parnassius bremeri (P. bremeri), a member of the genus Snow Apollo in the swallowtail family (Papilionidae), is a high alpine butterfly that lives in Russia, Korea,...

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Multiomics analysis

The repository of data available in Bioinformatics spans from genomic,Transcriptomic and proteomics according to the central dogma.....

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