It provides specific analysis results on expression differences and networks between genes by group.

Analytical experts will join you to achieve the desired results through various analysis results and specific consultations.

Analysis Services Features

  • Customer Custom Analysis Results Consultation
  • Use the latest Genome reference
  • Optimized analysis pipeline (using the latest analysis tools)
  • Well-known gene BLAST, available for further analysis
  • Analysis report in HTML format

Data Analysis

  • MultiQC Report
  • DEG / FPKM Analysis
  • GSEA Analysis
  • KEGG Pathway Analysis

Transcriptome Analysis

Transcriptome analysis gives a deeper understanding of the complex genetic network and its activity. It aids in generating expression profiles of our genes and transcripts of interest. 3BIGS has got your transcript analysis needs covered with its top-of-the-range services: RNA-Seq, Single-Cell Analysis, ML-based biomarker prediction, and De-novo Assembly

Specialized genome analysis we offer :

  • RNA-seq data analysis
  • Single-cell analysis

RNA-Seq Data Analysis

RNA-seq facilitates the measurement of gene expression along with transcription activation at a genome-wide level. Our optimized algorithms enable the seamless analysis of complex RNA-seq data, and our tested methods pave the way for easy interpretation of the analyzed data.

Single-Cell Analysis

The single-cell analysis presents an exceptional method to comprehend the manner in which DNA sequence variations affect phenotypic variations. The generation and analysis of single-cell genomic data drive our understanding of complex cell-to-cell genetic variations and their evident effects to drive research in various fields—disease management, agriculture, and public health. 3BIGS provides you with verified and refined algorithms to bolster your research.

Case Studies

Transcriptomic Analysis of Hyperglycemic and Hypoglycemic

Transcriptomic analyses are essential in deciphering the complex world of gene expression, providing valuable insights into the molecular underpinnings of biological processes. By studying the...

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Parnassius bremeri Transcriptome Analysis

Parnassius bremeri (P. bremeri), a member of the genus Snow Apollo in the swallowtail family (Papilionidae), is a high alpine butterfly that lives in Russia, Korea,...

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Multiomics analysis

The repository of data available in Bioinformatics spans from genomic,Transcriptomic and proteomics according to the central dogma.....

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