Non-Human Project Services Summary

We offer a wide range of bioinformatics analysis projects for clients involved in plant biology research, based on a comprehensive molecular sequencing platform andqualified analysts.


To analyze large amounts of biological data and explore their biological significance, the field of bioinformatics, which is still in its infancy, aims to bring together the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, and biology. Molecular biology tools such as protein sequencing, transcriptome sequencing, genome sequencing, and metabolic analysis in plant biology generate a large amount of sequence and structural data. Bioinformatics is a powerful analytical tool that helps researchers extract important information from these data.

Building a platform for bioinformatics analysis of plants is a top priority for 3BIGS, as the company has always placed great importance on this area. We offer a wide range of bioinformatics analysis projects for customers conducting research in plant biology, relying on an extensive molecular sequencing infrastructure and skilled analysts.

Specialized Domains

Genome Annotation Pipeline

We provide specialized sequence analysis services that can produce a large amount of genomic data from plants, Insects and marine species based on our state-of-the-art high-throughput sequencing technology platform. Our technology team is also working to develop a portfolio of approaches for accurate and efficient genome annotation pipeline includes structural, functional and custom browser establishment. 3BIGS provides comprehensive services for the genome annotation of plants, Insects and marine genomes, our experienced team of bioinformaticians and geneticists use the latest tools and techniques. This ensures a smooth process from start to finish and provides the highest quality data for assembly and annotation.

Transcriptome Analysis

Complete transcriptome whether polyadenylated or not, sequencing allows characterization of all RNA transcript types (coding and noncoding RNAs) from a given organism. For both differential expression analysis and discovery work, sequencing of the entire transcriptome is advisable. Using 3BIGS’ Whole Transcriptome Sequencing Service in plants (reference and denovo), animals, insects, and micro-organisms, researchers have access to state-of-the-art NGS tools that provide thorough bioinformatic analyses of all RNA transcripts. This paired-end sequencing method allows us to precisely quantify gene and transcript levels, as well as find unique splice variants and features of the transcriptome. Using a comprehensive transcriptome approach, this competitive strategy uncovers and explores putative transcriptional and regulatory network mechanisms while providing important insights into interaction functionalities.

Plant Disease Resistance Gene Analysis

As the severity of disease outbreaks increases worldwide, plant diseases can significantly affect crop production. Therefore, plant disease control has always been one of the main objectives of any crop improvement program. Plant resistance genes (R genes) can detect pathogen invasion and activate a defense mechanism against infection. Numerous R-genes have been used with varying degrees of success in crop improvement in the past, and many of them are still used today. Recent advances in genomics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology have made it possible to harness R genes and effectively control plant diseases caused by pathogens.

Plant Genome-wide Gene Family Identification

We perform a genome-wide analysis for the plants gene family to elucidate their expression patterns in various tissues and in response to special treatment such as salt treatment, drought treated, as well as their genome organization, phylogeny, gene structure, motif localization, and predicted functions. We provide a thorough analysis service for gene families involved in biosynthesis, disease resistance, plant growth and development, and environmental adaptation. Demonstrate the diversity of functions provided by various gene families in plants. Check to see if the gene family branches belong only to the species of plant being studied. Understanding the evolution of plant genes will help in genetic engineering. Create useful family genes to create crop kinds with the best qualities.

Plant Bioinformatics Data Visualization

Data visualization for bioinformatics is the graphical representation of large data sets to provide researchers with visually presented analysis. Understanding, analyzing, and interpreting data is the goal of scientific visualization. In our opinion, molecular modeling, molecular information display, and information correlation display can be divided into three stages of bioinformatics visualization. The use of scientific visualization tools is essential for mining biological data. The importance of visualization in extracting information that is biologically meaningful increases as biological data volume and complexity increase. We provide you with a variety of services using interactive visualization, including but not limited to only few.

Custom Bioinformatics Analysis

Advanced secondary and customized analysis services to accomplish the project needs. 3BIGS is an one stop solution for all downstream analysis to re-format your results in various ways, We offers the following services,

  1. Data validation
  2. Functional annotation
  3. Comparative analysis
  4. Results arrangements & interpretation
  5. Data visualization
  6. Manuscript writing & submission
  7. Raw data submission
  8. Also extended to

Why Choose 3BIGS

Multiomics Analysis

We have a multiomics pipeline for Integrating the WGS, WES, RNA, Chipseq analysis and detailed results Visualization in our platform browser.

End-to-end RNA analysis

Our pipeline allows end-to-end data analysis with minimal user intervention while assisting and guiding beginner in RNA seq analysis

Curation details added to report

After getting variants or differential expressed genes, we gives suggestion PubmedID and articles based on genes, Disease, nature of work.

Non Model Organism Analysis

We have analyzed most of non- model organism, pipelines for Genome re-anotation and annotation with detailed Ensemble browser visualization.

Customised Bioinformatics solutions

Apart from General Omics, we extensively perform all kind of Bioinformatics services based on customised requirements.

Microbiome Solutions

We are currently running 1000 of samples on monthly basis, we have extensive expertise on Oral and Gut microbiome We have Curated Databases for Gut and Oral Microbiome.

Case Studies

Peach Genome Structural Re-Annotation Results

Genome file - 1.20181011.Peach.falcon-unzip.primary.errd.hic.fasta.gz

Download Case study

Developmental Transcriptome Analysis of Red-Spotted Apollo Butterfly, Parnassius bremeri

Parnassius bremeri (P. bremeri), a member of the genus Snow Apollo in the swallowtail family (Papilionidae), is a high alpine butterfly that lives in Russia,...

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Genome-Wide Analysis, Identification, and Characterization of the PFK Gene Family Members of Populus deltoides

Plants produce two phosphorylated enzymes: pyrophosphate-dependent fructose-6- phosphate phosphotransferase (PFP) and ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase (PFK). However,

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