Multi-Omics Analysis Platform

3X MOmics is a robust platform designed to analyze various NGS-based biodata to discover multi-omics links and new biomarkers. It integrates diverse datasets like WGS, WES, RNA-Seq, and Proteomics to provide comprehensive insights into biological processes and disease mechanisms.

Key Features

  • Data Integration: Harmonizes data from different omics technologies.
  • Customizable Pipelines: Flexible processing pipelines for unique research needs.
  • Resource Allocation: Dynamic hardware resource allocation on the AWS cloud.

The Problem

Researchers often struggle with integrating and analyzing data from different omics technologies due to varying formats and complex computational requirements.

Our Solution

3X MOmics provides a unified platform that integrates and analyzes multi-omics data, offering customizable pipelines and equitable access to computational resources, thus accelerating scientific discovery.

Web-based multi-omics data analytics platform

Based on more than 30 million scientific literature, it structures genes, diseases, drugs, clinical information, and supports various information to identify the flow of research.

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3X-MOmics Analytical Experience

Many Korean government agencies, companies, hospitals, universities, etc. are working on producing, analyzing, and interpreting NGS-based multi-omics data of 3X-MOmics